I'm worn out and dragged out. The worst part of being so worn out is the weather turning, my bike is in 30 pieces and even if I had the time to put it together, I certainly wouldn't have the time to ride it. I'm half way home though. 11 days until a day off.

27 days until the first race of the year. I may have time to get enough form not to DFL.

I want training rides to kick my ass now.

I think the goal is to bonk hard on the first "real" ride of the year. Who's gonna hurt me?


Velodrome Results 2006

2006 was the first year I tried my hand at track racing at the National Sports Center in Blaine. I went into the season having little to no expectations for results and wound up upgrading from the the slowest field (Category 4/5), to Category 3 and then mixed it up with the deliverers of pain in Category 1/2. In the process I qualified for the national championship in the distance disciplines and did even held my own in some of the sprint competitions. Heading into the 2007 season I find making goals to be a daunting task. I want to improve but don't want to look back at the end of the year and be disappointed when I haven't repeated the success of last year.

Here are the results from last year as a measuring tape;

Cat 4/5
Nights Raced-5
Warm-up Races Won-4
Sprint Races Won-2
Distance Races Won-4
Omniums Won-4

Cat 3
Nights Raced-4
Warm-up races Won-2
Sprint Races Won-0
Distance Races Won-3
Omniums Won-3
*3rd Place in Category 3 Points Race Championship*

Cat 1/2
Nights Raced-5
Warm-up races Won-0
Sprint Races Won-0
Distance Races Won-0
Omniums Won-0
*3rd Place in State Points Race Championship*
*3rd Place in State Scratch Race Championship*
*5th Place in State Keirin Championship*

Upon review, my goals for 2007 are;
-Win 3 Races
-Finish on the podium in 3 sprint races
-Qualify for Nationals again
-Get the DS to be my madison partner/learn madison exchanges and etiquette